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Be Homes, LLC arrived in San Antonio as the next link in the Bejar Group of companies, a chain formed by more than 31 projects that cover a wide array of real estate products. With over 40 years of experience, the Bejar Group has specialized in industrial complexes, hotels, retail developments and residential homes. Presently, the Bejar Group is concentrating its efforts in commercial (retail) and residential developments and has chosen San Antonio as its next area of expansion.

Prior to coming to San Antonio, the Bejar Group started a division in Florida while continuing the development of its projects in Mexico. One such project, GRUPO EXPOCASA developed nine different housing projects and more than 5,200 units during the last five years, all in the outskirts of Mexico City. Grupo Expocasa is a fully integrated company that does everything, from the purchase and development of the land, to the construction, marketing, and sales of their homes, and will serve as the blueprint for the San Antonio Division.

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